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Wildlife Tourism

by Wild Lense 20 Jun 2023

What we mean when we say we do Wildlife Safaris and Wildlife Photography.

 Wildlife Safaris are the simplest way to admire the animals in their natural habitat, and documenting them without disrupting their ways of life because of our presence. 

 During our time in the forest we have noticed is that wildlife tourism has grown to become a simple picnic stop for a lot of people. In the recent times, there have been a lot of incidents wherein you can see animals don’t get their space while they are patrolling their territory because vehicles are blocking their pathway. This not only disturbs the animal, but also puts the guide and driver’s jobs in jeopardy. Because of our needs, guides and drivers get banned as a result of tourist forcing them to get to close to the animal, endangering themselves and the animals.

 It must be understood that rules are made and implemented for reasons, reasons that any experienced Wildlife Travelers will agree with. 

 It is our humble request to everyone out there to give space to Wildlife. We don’t have anything against Wildlife Tourism, we just want people to understand and give way to animals because at the end of the day, the Jungle belongs to them and animals always have the right of way.


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