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Rare Species of India

by Wild Lense 20 Jun 2023

The world is filled with some of the most beautiful species, out of which many came into existence even before us-the human beings. These species are important for the survival of each other as every species acts as an important member for maintaining the food cycle of some other species. The human species is one such species that is harming the natural resources and habitats again and again for its own benefits. This, in turn, causes risks for the survival of many species of the world. It is highly disappointing that many precious species have gone extinct just because of human greed. But thankfully, in our country, we are lucky enough to see some of the rare species of animals in the world.

India is home to a number of rare species of animals. The Indian government has now understood its responsibility and is spending lots of money on the conservation and protection of the rare species of animals in India. These rare species reside in some well-protected areas of India and can be found roaming in sanctuaries, national parks, biological gardens, and zoos. These rare species have great respect in Indian society also. Nowadays, the efforts that are made to increase their population are working quite well.

Some rare species found in India are mentioned below

  • One-horned Rhinos –One-horned rhinos are the natives of the lower Himalayan region of India and Nepal. These are mighty and strong animals famous for their horn. This horn makes them one of the rare species of the world. One-horned rhinos are hunted for their extremely valuable horn and sold in the mafia market. Kaziranga national park of India gives shelter to the largest living population of one-horned rhinos. After the successful attempts made in 1975, the population of rhinos started stabilizing. Hunting and poaching are still a big threat to these animals and thus, efforts to save them must intensify.
  • Nilgiri Tahr –Nilgiri tahr is native of the mountainous region of tropical Western Ghats. They are goat-like animals with curved horns, short fur, and tough body. Nilgiri tahr, basically a Tamil Nadu state animal, is also a rare species. Its population loss is a result of continuous exploitation of its natural habitat and hunting. A recent study and survey show that only 3,000 members of these species are alive in India.
  • Blackbucks –Blackbuck is also called Indian Antelopes. These animals are natives of the grassland and plain areas. There is a large decline in the number of blackbucks in India because of the over-grazing of their food, hunting, and conversion of their natural habitat into farming lands. India spends a lot every year on its conservation and some very strict laws are also enforced for such causes. Apart from India, Blackbucks have their presence in Pakistan and Nepal also.
  • Lion-tailed Macaque –Lion-tailed macaques are other inhabitants of the Western Ghats like Nilgiri tahr. They live in the tropical forests of the south region of India. These are some of the most endangered species in the world because of the regular exploitation of their homes and surrounding.
  • Snow Leopard –Snow leopard is found in the Himalayan mountainous region. Their ancestors are from the panther family. The snow leopard is a beautiful animal with thick fur and grey color. With a small population of around 6000, the snow leopard is an endangered animal because of hunting and disturbance in its natural habitat by humans. The snow leopard can be found in national Parks of India like Hemis national park.
  • Asiatic lions –Asiatic lions are found in Gir wildlife sanctuary which is the only place where you can see such a mighty jungle king. Asiatic lions have heavily outnumbered and only 200 of such lions are alive in the wild atmosphere of Gujarat. The reason for such a small population of Asiatic lions is hunting and poaching. Their small population is a serious matter of concern and the Indian government is actively protecting the last descendants of mighty Asiatic lions.
  • Red panda –Red fox or red panda is the only type of panda in India. They are mainly found in temperate and deciduous regions of eastern states. The bamboo forest is one of the most loved places by them and Khangchendzonga and Namdapha national parks are the places where you can have a view of their mesmerizing look. Destruction of their natural habitats is the main reason for their small population in the world.
  • Brown palm civet –Brown civet is native of Western Ghats. Brown civet animal with brownish fur coat has a great ability to climb trees but it is, unfortunately, an endangered animal.

Aforementioned are some animal species that are very rare. There are only some places left in the world where you can see them. These species are alive in small numbers because human greed has led them to such a situation that is near to extinction. It is our moral responsibility to protect such rare species because we are responsible for their condition and we must contribute to their protection in the best possible way.

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