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Dudhwa National Park

by Wild Lense 21 Jun 2023

Dudhwa National Park is located towards the north of Indo-Gangetic in the Terai region in Uttar Pradesh. It forms a main part of the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, along with Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary and Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary.

Tourism in Dudhwa National Park is quite popular because of the huge variety in the habitat of the region and if you are thinking of taking a tour, there are a lot of things you need to know. Apart from the attractions in and around the park, it also stands strong to signify the history of the region.

All you need to know before travelling

Read through our travel guide to Dudhwa National Park to know everything you can do there.

How to reach:

You can reach the park through three routes- rail, air, and road.

  • By Air: Lucknow’s nearest airport, Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport, is the best way via aerial route and would take around 5.5 hours to get there.
  • By Road: You can take the nearest highway from your location and reach Palia, from where it’ll be easy to reach the national park.
  • By Rail: You can reach the fastest to the National park via Dudhwa Railway Station, located at a distance of 9.2 km from the main entrance of the park. 

Once you have reached the park, you can take a jeep (which are very popular in that region amongst tourists), a local ride to get around and explore.

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit Dudhwa National Park is during the winter season which goes around November to March. It is because the weather is very pleasant and apt to go sightseeing as the temperatures range from 12°C-22°C. Therefore, the climate is cozy and cold for the tourists making it an ideal time to visit the park.

Summers in the park (April to June)is quite hot with temperatures ranging from 32°C to 40°C, yet, many people prefer travelling here as the atmosphere is quite warm and stuffy. The temperature during the monsoon season ranges from 24°C to 30°C during July to October months. It gives the flora- fauna and the locals some time to rejuvenate and give the animals time an environment to breed away from human intervention. The park is also kept close during this season.

Things to do:

While touring the Dudhwa National Park, there are several additional places you must visit:

  • Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary: itis a part of the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve and is known for animals like Gharial, Tigers, Wild Boar, Pythons and you might also get a glimpse of otters in Jhadi Tal.
  • Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary: It occupies 400.6 sq km of land and makes a large part of the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve. Along with watching different migratory birds near the river, you’ll also see many creatures like the Gangetic Dolphin, Long-Billed Vultures and the Bengal Florican.
  • Frog TempleFrog Temple is located close to Dudhwa National Park and has a giant sculpture of a frog right in front of the temple gates. The temple has a lot of history related to it and you’ll find it on your way to the park.
  • Go on a Safari: Going on a Safari is a “must-do” activity when you visit Dudhwa National Park. You can find various activities to do like, jeep safari or a boat safari, and have a great time. You might also find some of the rarest creatures found in the region and enjoy their sight.

BUT if you want to experience the nature up close and persona then camping is the best option.

Imagine sitting next to your tent with your love ones and listing to the sound of nature and crackling bonfire… blissful, isn’t it? Wildlense offers luxury campsites in the tourism zone of Dudhwa National Park, which are situated right next to the lodges and resorts.

Eat at:

When it comes to travel, trying local food or authentic dishes is a must. You can find vegetarian food at the canteen inside the park premises, and if you are interested in experiencing a variety and something different, then you must visit restaurants outside the national park.

Moreover, what you can do is visit Dudhwa Tiger Rhino Resort to experience some fantastic Indian and Chinese cuisines. Other great places to have food and experience authenticity can be found in the local market, or some cafes, which serves fantastic vegetarian dishes at reasonable prices.

Shop at:

Travelling somewhere and shopping from there go hand in hand. Collecting souvenirs, buying items from the local market, or purchasing any item made by the local people is always a good idea as you can have a memory from the time you visited the place. There is a gift shop inside the reserve that sells mostly souvenirs like key chains and other handicrafts. You can also go to Pali for shopping where you’ll find the Keshav Handmade Embroidery and Leather Crafts store which is quite popular for their collection. People of Pali sell items made by them in their shops, so buying from these places is a good way to contribute to their economy as well. Besides, the souvenir you’ll get would be the memories you’ll collect during the travel.

If you’re excited to experience wildlife closely in the Dudhwa National Park, Wildlense is there to help.

We share ultimate guides and all-you-need-to-know for all your queries related to wildlife and travel. Moreover, you get an online safari along with specialized merchandise, wildlife books & CDs, safety & comfort products during safari & adventure trips, and the thrilling experience of seeing wildlife closely, at unbelievable prices. An all-star professional team works 24×7 to take care of all your travel needs and plans your trip according to your convenience so that you experience the maximum thrill at minimum costs.

Wildlense also offers economical tourist packages, professional drivers, and tour guides to assure you a safe and comfortable journey clubbed with an expert and unmatched knowledge about the places. So, let’s get started!
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