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10 Pro Tips For A GREAT Wildlife Safari

by Wild Lense 21 Jun 2023

One of the many unique experiences to check off your TO-DO list is to experience wildlife nestled in its natural habitat. While planning to explore a lush landscape on a wildlife safari, one requires to prepare accordingly. Having knowledge of what to wear, what to carry, and what to be mentally prepared for helps smoothen the course for any traveller. Listed below are 10 Pro tips which will result in a great wildlife safari experience. Let us take a quick look:-  

  1. Be prepared for the climate

The weather of a destination might not be pleasant at all times. It might be sunny, rainy, or even cold during the safari. It is good to be prepared as per the weather and carry accessories and clothes accordingly. Not being ready appropriately can lead to sunburns in hot weather and getting drenched in the monsoons.

  1. Always pre-book

End minute plans have no certainty. To avoid any last-minute booking denials, make sure to have your wildlife safari pre-booked from a reputed platform. Wildlense is one of the trusted platforms that offer a wide range of wildlife safari options to choose from. They have safari tours for almost all the national parks including Kanha National Park, Dudhwa National Park, and many others.

  1. Be punctual

Safaris have specific timings for all. They open and close precisely, and no permits are offered in any case. The rules for wildlife safaris are strict, and people are penalized for not following them.  Additionally, when you are not punctual, you tend to lose time that otherwise would be amidst the most exotic surroundings.

  1. Follow the rules of a wildlife safari

You must follow basic safari rules like no littering, no eating, no cruelty to animals, no talking loudly, etc. Rules here are set for the benefit of the visitors. If not followed, there are very slim chances of you spotting animals. Remember, animals tend to shoo away from noisy surroundings.

  1. Avoid wearing bright clothes

You should never wear bright colored clothes to a safari. Putting on dull clothes that perfectly camouflage with the landscape is the ideal most pick. The better you dress, the lesser are the chances of animals spotting you.

  1. Be prepared for a no network zone or carry a convenient sim card

Most of the wildlife locations cut off your network and leave you completely unplugged. Make sure to have no calls or work to be scheduled during your safari timeslot. Even if you have a sim that works, there are chances that the signal would not hold up long.

  1. Research before visiting the site

There are various national parks and wildlife reserves, and you would end up choosing one for your visit. To google a bit about the place before actually visiting it always works. You must be aware of the species of animals found so you can know what to expect. Some of the many destinations for wildlife safaris in India include Jim Corbett National ParkRanthambhore National Park, Gir National Park, Panna National Park, etc.

  1. Carry the essentials

There are essentials that you must carry on your wildlife safari. A sunscreen, a hat/cap, binoculars, quick snaking edibles, water, insect repellent, sunglasses, torch, medicines, scarf, camera, etc. are some of the essentials that you must carry in your backpack. Furthermore, make sure to keep your booking documents and ID proofs handy. Valid ID proofs & documents can help you save a lot of time during entry clearances.

  1. Carry some cash

People often depend on ATMs, credit cards, or mobile wallet payments. But when in a scenario like that of a wildlife safari, all you can depend on is cash. Though, there are slim chances that you would require it in the instance of a pre-booked safari. But, it always helps to come prepared for any unforeseen challenge or opportunity alike.

  1. Carry an extra memory card for your camera

There is a good reason why we have included it in top 10 pro tips for wildlife safari tourists and it comes straight from our experience. Once you’ve spotted a tiger for the first time, you will probably end up taking multiple pictures and videos. There are times when people run out of memory by the time they spot animals towards the end of the safari. Make sure to carry an additional memory card to be able to capture everything you witness.

Concludingly, any well-planned trip is a delightful one. The same goes for a wildlife safari tour. An enjoyable safari depends on smaller planning. You can have professionals like Wildlense plan your excursion, and on a personal level, following some minor tips can save your day. Happy Holidaying!

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