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Best Tiger Reserves of India

by Wild Lense 21 Jun 2023

Tigers are the most fierce and beautiful creation of the nature. Tigers belong to the cat family and have an important role in maintaining food chain of a particular area that they live in. Tiger is also the national animal of the Indian and is truly a symbol of courage. Tigers are well-trained predators too. However, if we look at past few decades, the population of tigers declined exponentially due to hunting and poaching. Tigers were hunted down for selling their skins. They were hunted by Indian kings to show their courage and velour. Tiger hunting, thus, led this species to become one of the most endangered species.

But now the scenario is different because the Government of India has taken the responsibility to ensure that not even a single Tiger is hunted down for any ambiguous reason. Indian government is spending huge money every year to ensure that population of tiger should come back to normal as it was before their killing and hunting. In India, you can find number of biosphere reserves that are constructed for the conservation of the Tigers. These biosphere reserves are open for normal citizens to shoot the tiger but with camera not the Gun.

Some of the best Tiger reserves of India -

Bandhavgarh national park, Madhya Pradesh

Bandhavgarh national park is one of the most diverse biosphere reserves of the India. Bandhavgarh national park is situated near Umaria district and the nearest city for transportation services is Jabalpur. Bandhavgarh national park is known for high density of Tigers in it. This national park offers you a jeep and elephant safari on which you can enjoy the view of nature safely. Probability of finding a tiger in this area is the highest and while finding the tiger, you can also have a look to many other species of this area like leopard and deer. We can say that Bandhavgarh national park is the best area to visit and watch a tiger in India. This place is full of green and beautiful landscapes.

Sariska tiger reserve, Rajasthan

Sariska Tiger reserve is a dry deciduous area with rocky slopes and a typical deserted shrubs and thorns. Sariska tiger reserve is the place where the Tiger population is reallocated and is now successfully breeding and the number of Tigers in the area is increasing day by day. Sariska tiger reserve in almost centrally located between Delhi and Rajasthan so people near that area can enjoy the weekend here. It has a large number of flora and fauna species other than tigers. And it also has lakes and beautiful landscapes of Aravali hills.

Jim Corbett tiger reserve, Uttarakhand

Jim Corbett tiger reserve is located in the lower Himalayan mountain ranges of Uttarakhand, being a fertile area and diversity is enormous. Jim Corbett is famous for its tiger population and many other species like deer, leopards and dragon flies. This national park was the place from where the revolutionary project tiger was started. This national park is gifted with some eye catching heavenly sceneries. This park is a must visit place to see a tiger and also every single penny spent on the journey will be justified by the amazing scenery of the Jim Corbett tiger reserve.

Tadoba Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra

Tadoba tiger reserve is the best place to see the efforts of forest department related to conservation of tigers. The tiger population has also increased in that area. Tadoba national park is also famous for hospitality and service. This place has one of the most well trained and experienced people who can make your visit there more enjoyable.

Sundarbans tiger reserve, west Bengal

Sundarbans is the dense mangroves forest where the jeeps are useless but boats can be very helpful to roam around. Sundarbans area stretches from India to Bangladesh and has a large number of tigers. Tigers there are so smart that they can hide them in such a way that it is impossible for you to see them but they can easily keep a watch on you. It is a UNESCO world heritage site with large number of endangered species.  This place is so green and has some of the best views of Mother Nature.

Kanha tiger reserve, Madhya Pradesh

Kanha national park is well maintained biosphere reserve of India and has many flora and fauna species native to it.  Kanha tiger reserve is famous for its jeep and elephant safari in tiger lands, and while sitting on jeep or an elephant you can have a great look of mighty tiger and if lucky you can also see tiger’s hunting here. It is also a home for many rare and endangered species and every minute spent here have a different amusement.

These are some of the best tiger reserves in India where you can have a thrilling and amazing experience. They are home to a large number of tigers and they have well trained staff that will ensure that you must see some tigers there and your trip to these reserves is justified.
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