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Wildlife Safaris in Madhya Pradesh: Best Times to Visit and What to Expect

by Nimisha Tewari 15 Sep 2023

Madhya Pradesh is a wildlife enthusiast's paradise, offering a plethora of wildlife safaris throughout the year. However, the best time to visit and what to expect can vary depending on the specific park or sanctuary you plan to explore. Here's a general guide:

  1. Best Time to Visit:

    • Winter (November to February): This is the peak wildlife viewing season in Madhya Pradesh. The weather is cool and pleasant and animals are more active during the day. It's an excellent time for tiger sightings and birdwatching.

    • Spring (March to May): Spring is a good time to visit, especially in March and April. The weather starts getting warmer, and the foliage begins to thin out, making it easier to spot wildlife. It's also the breeding season for many animals, so you might witness interesting behavior. 

    • Monsoon (June to September): While wildlife safaris are less common during the monsoon due to heavy rainfall and park closures, some parks like Kanha and Pench remain open for limited tourism. It's a lush and green time, but wildlife sightings can be challenging.

    • Post-Monsoon (October): October marks the beginning of the tourist season. The parks are still lush from the monsoon and the weather starts cooling down, making it a pleasant time for safaris. 

  2. What to Expect:

    • Tiger Sightings: Madhya Pradesh is famous for its tiger population. While there are no guarantees in the wild, the chances of spotting tigers are relatively high, especially in parks like Bandhavgarh and Kanha.

    • Birdwatching: Madhya Pradesh is a birdwatcher's paradise. You can expect to see a wide variety of resident and migratory bird species, especially during the winter months.

    • Other Wildlife: Apart from tigers, Madhya Pradesh's wildlife includes leopards, sloth bears, wild dogs, Indian gaur, spotted deer, sambar deer and more. The specific wildlife you encounter will depend on the park and the time of year.

    • Scenic Beauty: The landscapes in Madhya Pradesh's national parks and sanctuaries are stunning. Expect lush forests, meadows, rivers and picturesque scenery. 

    • Safari Experience: Safaris are typically conducted in open-top jeeps or canters. You'll have the opportunity to explore the wilderness with the help of knowledgeable guides and naturalists.

    • Cultural Interactions: Many parks are located in regions with indigenous tribal communities. You may have the chance to learn about local cultures and traditions during your visit.

    • Conservation Efforts: Some parks in Madhya Pradesh actively engage in wildlife conservation and research. You might have the opportunity to learn about these efforts.

It's essential to book your safari in advance, as the number of vehicles allowed in the parks is restricted to minimize disturbances to the wildlife. Additionally, follow the park regulations and guidelines to ensure a responsible and eco-friendly safari experience.

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