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Tiger Spotting In Corbett National Park

by Nimisha Tewari 15 Nov 2023

Corbett National Park, established in 1936, is not just a wildlife sanctuary; it's a testament to India's commitment to wildlife conservation. Named after Jim Corbett, a British hunter turned conservationist, the park was established to protect the endangered Bengal tiger. Here's how to Increase Chances of Spotting Tigers in Corbett National Park: 

1. Choose the Right Zones:

Strategic Selection: Opt for zones known for frequent tiger sightings, such as Dhikala, Bijrani and Jhirna. Research on recent sightings and choose accordingly. 


2. Early Morning and Late Afternoon Safaris:

Golden Hours: Tigers are more active during the early morning and late afternoon. Schedule your safaris during these times for higher chances of sightings.


3. Visit During Peak Seasons:

Peak Activity: Plan your visit during the peak wildlife seasons, typically from November to June. This increases the chances of spotting tigers as they move in search of water and prey.


4. Extended Safari Stays:

Stay Longer, Spot More: Consider an extended stay to increase your safari opportunities. Multiple safaris provide more chances to encounter tigers. 


5. Knowledgeable Guides and Naturalists:

Guiding Wisdom: Choose experienced guides and naturalists who are familiar with the tiger hotspots and can interpret signs of tiger presence.



6. Silence and Patience:

Quiet Observation: Keep noise to a minimum during safaris. Tigers are sensitive to sound, and a quiet vehicle enhances the chances of spotting them.



7. Binoculars and Camera Ready:

Eagle Eyes: Carry binoculars for a better view and keep your camera ready with appropriate settings for quick captures when a tiger is spotted.



8. Learn Tiger Behavior Signs:

Reading the Landscape: Understand signs of tiger presence like pugmarks, scratches on trees and alarm calls from other animals. Guides can help interpret these signs

9. Offbeat Routes and Trails:
Less Traveled Paths: Explore less frequented trails and routes. Tigers may use these areas for movement, offering a unique opportunity for sightings. 

10. Stay Informed About Recent Sightings:
Network with Locals: Connect with locals or other tourists to stay updated on recent tiger sightings. Information-sharing can significantly enhance your chances. 

11. Respect Wildlife and Habitat:
Ethical Observations: Respect the natural habitat and maintain a safe distance. Ethical wildlife practices contribute to a positive and sustainable safari experience.

12. Visit Watering Holes:
Thirst Quarters: Tigers often visit watering holes. Safaris around these areas, especially during the dry season, can yield exciting encounters.

13. Leverage Technology:
Apps and Updates: Use wildlife tracking apps and online forums for real-time updates on tiger sightings. Technology can supplement your on-ground efforts.

14. Follow Park Regulations:
Adhere to Rules: Follow park regulations strictly. Abiding by the rules ensures a safer and more organized safari experience for everyone.

Remember, tiger sightings are inherently unpredictable and patience is the key. Combine this patience with strategic planning, local insights and a respect for wildlife, and you increase your chances of creating unforgettable tiger-spotting memories in Corbett National Park.

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