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Pilibhit Tiger Reserve: A Thrilling Wildlife Adventure with Wildlense®

by Wild Lense 20 Jun 2023

If you’re looking for an adventurous and unforgettable experience, consider a visit to the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve in Uttar Pradesh, India. This breathtaking destination is home to some of the world’s most endangered species, including the Bengal tiger, leopard, and Soft-coated otters. With the help of Wildlense Eco Foundation, you can experience the beauty of the reserve while enjoying the best tour packages and safaris available.

About Pilibhit Tiger Reserve
Located in the northern part of Uttar Pradesh, the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve covers an area of around 730 square kilometers. Established in 2008, the reserve is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, including over 127 species of plants, 556 species of birds, and 50 species of mammals. With a combination of deciduous, semi-evergreen, and swamp forests, the reserve provides a unique habitat for various wildlife species.

Safari at Pilibhit Tiger Reserve
A safari through Pilibhit Tiger Reserve is the best way to experience the beauty of the reserve and observe the wildlife in their natural habitat. Wildlense Eco Foundation provides various safari options that allow visitors to explore the reserve with trained guides and drivers. The most popular safari options include Jeep Safari, Elephant Safari, and Walking Safari.
Jeep Safari: The Jeep Safari is the most common and convenient way to explore the reserve. Visitors can book a Jeep Safari for a half-day or full-day tour, with trained guides who are well-versed in the area’s wildlife and their behavior.
Walking birding Safari: The Walking Safari is for visitors who prefer to explore the reserve on foot. With a trained guide, visitors can trek outside the forest and observe the wildlife from a different perspective. This safari option is ideal for nature lovers and those who prefer a more active and immersive experience.
Best Tour Package at Pilibhit Tiger Reserve
Wildlense Eco Foundation offers various tour packages that cater to different needs and preferences. The most popular tour packages include the Weekend Getaway Package, Wildlife Photography Package, and Bird Watching Package.
Weekend Getaway Package: The Weekend Getaway Package is perfect for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and spend a peaceful weekend in nature. The package includes accommodation, meals, and a Jeep Safari through the reserve.
Wildlife Photography Package: The Wildlife Photography Package is ideal for photography enthusiasts who want to capture the reserve’s breath-taking wildlife on camera. The package includes accommodation, meals, and a customized photography tour with a professional photographer.
Bird Watching Package: The Bird Watching Package is for bird enthusiasts who want to observe the reserve’s diverse bird species. The package includes accommodation, meals, and a customized bird watching tour with a trained bird watcher.


Pilibhit Tiger Reserve is a must-visit destination for anyone who loves nature and wildlife. With the help of Wildlense Eco Foundation, visitors can experience the reserve’s beauty and thrill in the best possible way. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful weekend getaway or an adrenaline-fueled adventure, Pilibhit Tiger Reserve has something for everyone. Book your tour package and safari with Wildlense Eco Foundation today, and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

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