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Choosing The Right Colors And Designs For Summer Plantable Wedding Invitations

by Nimisha Tewari 24 Jun 2024

Choosing the perfect colors and designs for your summer plantable wedding invitations is an exciting and creative process. Plantable invitations not only set the tone for your big day but also highlight your commitment to sustainability. Here are some tips and ideas to help you select the right colors and designs that will make your summer wedding invitations stand out.

1. Consider the Seasonal Palette

A. Bright and Bold Colors

  • Sunny Yellow: Symbolizing happiness and energy, yellow is perfect for a summer wedding. It pairs well with greens and blues.

  • Vibrant Coral: This lively color embodies the warmth and fun of summer. Combine it with shades of pink and orange for a tropical feel.
Plantable 'Divine Floral' Nikah Invitation Card Wildlense
  • Sky Blue: Evoking clear summer skies, blue is calming and classic. It can be paired with white, silver or pastel shades.
Plantable 'Arctic Blue & Green' Floral Sangeet Invitation Card Wildlense

    B. Soft and Pastel Hues

    • Blush Pink: Soft and romantic, blush pink is ideal for a summer garden wedding. It complements greens and whites beautifully.
    Plantable Hindu Bride and Groom Sliding Wedding Invitation Card Wildlense
    • Mint Green: Fresh and cool, mint green is perfect for a summer celebration. It works well with gold, ivory and soft pinks.
    Plantable 'Lush Green Floral' Engagement/Wedding Invitation Card Wildlense
    • Lavender: This delicate color brings a touch of elegance and serenity. Pair it with deeper purples or soft grays.
    Plantable 'Purple Plum Floral' Ring Ceremony Invitation Card Wildlense

      C. Natural and Earthy Tones

      • Olive Green: Reflecting nature, olive green is earthy and sophisticated. It combines well with beige, cream and gold.
      Plantable Floral Green Wedding Ceremony Invitation Card Wildlense
      • Terracotta: Warm and rustic, terracotta adds a grounded feel to your invitations. Pair it with neutrals or soft blues.
      Plantable 'Premium Florals & Pastel' Sangeet Ceremony Invitation Card Wildlense

        2. Incorporate Seasonal Elements in the Design

        A. Floral Motifs

        • Wildflowers: Use illustrations or watercolor designs of wildflowers, which are popular for summer weddings and align with the plantable paper’s purpose.

        • Tropical Flowers: Hibiscus, orchids and other tropical blooms add a vibrant, exotic touch.

          B. Nature-Inspired Themes

          • Botanical: Incorporate leaves, vines and other botanical elements for a fresh, green aesthetic.
          • Beach and Nautical: For coastal weddings, consider shells, starfish and waves in your design.
          Plantable Christian Wedding Sliding Invitation Card Wildlense

            C. Simple and Elegant Patterns

            • Geometric Shapes: Modern and clean, geometric patterns can add a stylish touch without overwhelming the plantable paper.
            • Minimalist: Less is more. A minimalist design with clean lines and simple fonts keeps the focus on the eco-friendly aspect.

            3. Select Complementary Typography

            A. Fonts and Style

            • Calligraphy and Script: Elegant and timeless, these fonts are perfect for a romantic and formal feel.
            • Sans Serif: Clean and modern, sans serif fonts work well for minimalist and contemporary designs.
            • Handwritten Fonts: Add a personal touch with handwritten-style fonts, giving your invitations a casual, intimate vibe.

            B. Font Colors

            • Classic Black or Dark Gray: Ensures readability and contrast, suitable for any color palette.
            • Gold or Silver Foil: Adds a touch of luxury and pairs beautifully with pastel and neutral colors.
            Plantable 'Premium Elegant Floral' Wedding Reception Invitation Card Wildlense
            • Matching Hues: Use shades that match or complement your primary color palette for a cohesive look.

            4. Design Tips for Plantable Paper

            A. Paper Type and Texture

            • Seed Paper: Ensure the paper is of good quality and embedded with seeds that are suitable for your climate. Wildflower seeds are versatile and popular.

            • Texture: Embrace the natural texture of the seed paper, which adds an organic, tactile element to your invitations.

            B. Printing Methods

            • Eco-Friendly Inks: Use soy-based or other eco-friendly inks that are safe for the environment and won’t harm the seeds.
            • Minimal Ink Coverage: Less ink ensures that the seeds can still grow. Opt for designs that highlight the natural beauty of the paper.

            5. Adding Personal Touches

            A. Custom Illustrations

            • Personal Symbols: Include meaningful symbols or illustrations of you as a couple, such as a shared hobby or a significant location.
            • Monogram: Create a custom monogram or logo that can be used across all your wedding stationery.

            B. Interactive Elements

            • Planting Instructions: Add a small, stylish card or include planting instructions as part of the invitation design, encouraging guests to plant their invitations.

            • Scented Inks: Consider using scented inks that add a sensory element, such as lavender or lemon.

            6. Sustainability and Practicality

            A. Planting Information

            • Clear Instructions: Ensure your guests know how to plant the invitations by including clear, concise instructions either on the back of the invitation or as a separate insert.
            • Seed Type Information: Let your guests know what type of seeds are embedded in the paper and any care tips.

            B. RSVP Options

            • Digital RSVPs: Encourage guests to RSVP online to reduce additional paper waste.
            • Seed Paper Response Cards: If you prefer traditional RSVPs, consider using plantable paper for response cards as well.


              Choosing the right colors and designs for your summer plantable wedding invitations involves a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and environmental consciousness. By selecting vibrant or soft seasonal colors, incorporating nature-inspired elements and paying attention to typography and sustainability, you can create invitations that not only set the perfect tone for your summer wedding but also positively impact the planet. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness and beauty of these unique, eco-friendly invitations, making your wedding celebration even more memorable.

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