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An Insight Into the Panna Tiger Reserve

by Wild Lense 21 Jun 2023

The Panna Tiger Reserve spreads over Chhatrapur District and Panna District in Madhya Pradesh. An insight into the Pana Tiger Reserve is a live experience of witnessing animals residing in their natural habitat, stunning waterfalls, an unending list of flora and fauna, forest trails, and several wildlife species. Nestled in the Vidhya ranges, Panna Tiger Reserve comprises of mixed terrain including gorges and extensive plateaus. Spread in an expanse of 542.67 square kilometers, this is the last tiger habitat existent in the northern part of Madhya Pradesh.

River Ken is the aid of the Panna Reserve. It flows across the reserve and feeds its inhabitants. The Panna reserve features ancient years old rock paintings worth exploring. Sources tag the rock paintings to be nearly 200 years old.

Panna seems to be quite like other national parks and tiger reserves, but there is more to it. It is home to many fascinating species of plants and animals. Speaking of the climate, Panna Tiger Reserve is hot and dry. This kind of climatic condition boosts dry mixed forest and dry teak vegetation. The dominant vegetation comprises of grasslands and dry mixed deciduous.

A little history of the Panna Tiger Reserve

Flaunting diverse ecosystems and natural landscapes, the Panna National Park is so much more than just safari tours and trips. It has a rich and interesting history associated with it. Founded back in 1981, some portions of the Panna Tiger Reserve were once the hunting grounds of former kings. The royalties of Bijawar, Panna, and Chhatrapur princely states used these grounds to hunt animals. In the year 1993, the Panna Tiger Reserve was listed as the twenty-second Tiger Reserve of the country and the fifth in Madhya Pradesh.

The Ministry of Tourism awarded an excellence award to Panna for being the most well maintained national park in the year 2007. However, back in 2009, poaching became a topic of concern for the reserve. Panna lost all its tigers and was left a barren land. Later, the Madhya Pradesh government and WWF-India translocated 2 female tigers and 1 male tiger to restart saving tigers. The male tiger was brought in from Pench Tiger Reserve while the 2 female tigers were called in from Kanha National Park and Bandhavgarh National Park.

Species to spot in Panna

Panna National Park is home to ample animal and bird species. It is a shelter for various endangered animal species like tigers, chinkaras, and leopards. Species of cats that are found in Panna include Royal Bengal Tigers and Pantherapardus. While speaking of birds, Panna National Park features over 200 bird species. Some of the species include kinds of vultures – Indian and King, and bar-headed goose. Along with Indian species, Panna also houses several migratory birds. Other bird species that you can spot here include hawk eagles, honey buzzards, blossom headed parakeet, and others. The birds make an essential part of the park. Their chirpings enhance the atmosphere. Many photography enthusiasts wander along the park on safaris to spot birds and click pictures. Along with animals and birds, Panna is also home to varying reptile species, including the Great Indian Python.

Panna is one of the most well-maintained wildlife parks. It welcomes tourists from all both India and abroad. Wildlife enthusiasts and wildlife photographers are often attracted to Panna. People are spotted on safaris with exclusive cameras and lenses just in search of different species.

Safari Details

There are 2 major tourist zones in Panna – Hinouta and Madla. Tourists are allowed in these two zones for safari tours. The dates between 16th October and 30th June are the safari permitted dates in Panna National Park. To make the wildlife safaris memorable and convenient, the park authorities offer jeep facilities for tourists to tour around and about. Travelers can travel around in these safaris to catch glimpse of the Panna delights. Apart from wildlife safaris, one can also take boat rides and enjoy spotting aquatic animals that last for nearly 60 minutes. Another option to explore includes an Elephant safari. An elephant safari lets you mount the back of an elephant and then wander around and about the jungle. There are day safaris as well as there are night safaris for you to explore.

If you are planning to visit Panna Tiger Reserve, then you may want to explore several packages offered by Wildlense. There are some of the best tour package for Panna Tiger Reserve by Wildlense that you can opt for.


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