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A Greener World With Plantable Products

by Wild Lense 21 Jun 2023


Society is growing intelligent & responsible for the atmosphere. It is looking for ways to leave a greener world for posterity and plantable products are one such easy option.

With people taking initiatives, there are minor changes that one can witness these days in the community. The world is passing on urgent signals in varying ways of its need to heal. Masses are becoming attentive to these red flags and are turning to eco-friendly alternatives. More and more people these days are shifting to biodegradable products that help heal the environment.

One such environment-friendly collection of products are plantable products. Very recently, there has been a buzz on social media like Twitter and others about the plantable papers in the form of visiting cards, thank you cards, etc. These greeting cards turn out to a beautiful plant when planted in the soil. Sounds fun, right? It indeed is an interesting concept that is gaining heat during recent times. Let us know more about the concept, types, and benefits of plantable products.

What are plantable products?

Plantable Products are paper products with seeds embedded within. These products serve different purposes, but when planted in the soil, these transform into a plant. Plantable products are crafted in forms of use like seed paper visiting cardshandmade thank you cardsseed paper wedding invitationsseed bombs, and others. When given to people you meet, it serves both as a greeting as well as a plant.

What is seed paper?

Seed Paper is a fine texture paper that can be used for purposes like printing, writing, painting, and drawing. It can be dyed using organic colors and can be transformed into beautiful greetings and other goods. It makes for an exceptional gifting item that is also eco-friendly. These eco-friendly seed paper products have extensive use. Recently, there were rounds of an eco-friendly seed paper-made visiting card that masses praised to the core.

The benefits of Plantable Products

Plantable products hold environmental and social value. Socially, plantable products beautify the environment and contribute to transforming the space into a greener and better one. Wherever there is soil, these plantable seeds produce beautiful flowers or healthy vegetables, or just green shrubs.

Plantable items work towards the mentality of people. It transforms the way one thinks. With something as useful as a plantable product that reduces waste and reproduces as a beautiful plant, people are bound to think differently about trash.

Environmentally, plantable items lead to reforestation. Reforestation, in turn, leads to improve air quality and reduce pollution. They also contribute to wetland health and animal habitat. People are encouraged to plant vegetation in their home gardens and add to the environment.

Mostly, seed papers are made up of recyclable materials and organic dyes. Every ingredient is eco-friendly and biodegradable. When planted, these goods create zero waste. To generate zero waste, one needs to invest in recyclable goods, like plantable products.

Leaving a greener world for generations to come is not just our duty but our responsibility and plantable products would go a long way in delivering that, it’s just about switching to sustainable lifestyle choices.

What are the ways to incorporate plantable goods in your life?

There are various smart and inventive ways of incorporating plantable products into your daily lifestyle. Let us take a look at the choices: –

Business Cards –

Having plantable business cards can make you stand out in the corporate world. Eco-friendly business cards are a unique and environmentally pleasant way of passing a great message in the corporate world.

Greeting Cards –

Send a greeting card that serves the purpose of a card as well as an environment-friendly gift. The receiver can keep the greeting card in the form of flowers, herbs, vegetables, etc.

Party accessories –

Social gatherings and parties require various items like gift tags, gift boxes, wine tags, envelopes, and patches. These are all great ways of including plantable products in your social gatherings. These are a great way of gifting your guests some unique eco-friendly return gifts.

Stationery Goods –

For your kids, you can get some plantable stationery like seed pencils. These can also be used as gift items for birthday parties and kids would love to have something as unique as stationary that grows like a plant.

Invitation Cards –

Sending invitations in the form of plantable products can be exceptional. Your guests would remember your invite each time they look at the plant grown out of the invitation card.

Wildlense is a one-stop portal for exclusive plantable products that you can check out for unique items. With a range of options, you get an opportunity to include eco-friendly goods in your daily lifestyle. Be it seed bombs, invitation cards, tags, greeting cards, business cards, etc. Wildlense has it all.

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